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Restaurant PEEK

In the old center of Den Bur, The Netherlands is restaurant PEEK, a cozy restaurant with a contemporary decor and a lovely fireplace. You're able to see how your delicious meal is prepaired with the new open kitchen and eating by restaurant PEEK means a party for your taste buds. The weekly changing menu includes imaginative and refined cuisine. If the season allows it, you will find specialities like scallops, langoustines and duck-liver on it.

New in restaurant PEEK is a beautiful dry Age Cabinet from Van Weel Koeltechniek. In this cabinet you will find the nicest parts of beaf and mature lamb from the island. PeekTexel.nl ›

  DAC2DW Documentation

Bigger Than Bigger

Dry Age Cabinet 2 Doors Wood in XL

XL DAC2DS 2017

New: Introduced at the Horecava Beurs 2017.

Pricing, Dimenstions & Specifications

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Two-doors wooden built-in Dry Age Cabinet.

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Carter Metal Nicosia

Two standard one-door built-in Dry Age Cabinets.

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The left Cabinet contains our special lightfilters, at the right is standard light.

DAC3DS Documentation

Wimag - Belgium

Two Dry Age Cabinets with three doors.

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Butchery Ooteman - Rotterdam

Two Dry Age Cabinets with three doors, bould under each other in a butchery.

DAC1DS Documentation

The Beautiful Butchery of Vivenda - Bulgaria

One Dry Age Cabinetd with two doors.

DAC2DS Documentation

Julius Bar & Grill

Threedoors build-in Dry Age Cabinet.

DAC3DS Documentation

The Harbour Club - Amsterdam

Four Dry Age Cabinets with two doors.

Wooden Dry Age Cabinets Folder

Butchery Gelderblom - Hillegersberg

One Dry Age Cabinets with three doors.

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It is with great pride that we can inform you that the standard 1 and 2 door Dry Age Cabinets, and all derived from these, are working and delivered with a natural refrigerant (R600a). This Means that we more than comply with the protocol of Montréal.

Van Weel Refrigeration works according to the new
Supply Conditions of the NVKL.


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