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New lighting options!

There are new options in the lighting of your Dry Age Cabinet! It is now possible to choose from three filters:

- Standard white filter (right)

- Amber filter (left)

- Medium Amber filter (middle)

These three filters have different effects on the Dry Age meat inside the cabinet. The standard white filter is, because of its natural appearance, ideal for butcher shops. For your restaurant you might want a more warm ambience. This is possible with the Amber and Medium Amber filters. The Amber filter gives with its orange tinge a warm appearance to the Dry Age Cabinet. This is also the case for the Medium Amber filter, only this light is purple/pink in colour. Both filters are suitable for giving the Dry Age Cabinet a warm appearance, it is up to your preference to choose which suits you best. It is even possible to combine the filters, which give the Dry Age Cabinet an even warmer appearance!


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